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Pl. of Balls, 6-9, Santa Pau – Garrotxa, Girona See the map

Discovering the territory, Garrotxa activities for all tastes.

Active tourism in the Garrotxa
– Discover the Garrotxa + Active. Activities on foot, cycling, en butter, en globus… ideal for family or friends. More information Garrotxa.
– Let yourself. Guided activities aimed at groups to explore the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park and its heritage. More information Garrotxa.
Industrial tourism in the Garrotxa
– Cooperative Hayedo. Guided tours of the dairy farm and yogurt Beech. In the middle of the Natural Park of Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa Garrotxa.Més information.
Cultural tourism in the Garrotxa
– Museums Olot: Guided tours of the Regional Museum, Volcano Museum and Museum of Saints.
– Besalú: Guided tours Miqvé or Jewish baths, the churches of St. Peter and St. Vincent…More information Garrotxa.
– Besalú close. Pack cultural: Besalú and the Museum of Miniatures. More information Garrotxa.
– Sant Joan les Fonts: Guided tours of the route of the three flows (Short option), Medieval Castle Stay Juvinyà, Its Interpretation Centre of the Territory of Sant Joan les Fonts, the bridge and the monastery church. More information Garrotxa.
– La Vall d'en Bas: Guided tours on demand. More information Garrotxa.
Tourism for the kids in the Garrotxa
Make your child enjoy themselves with children's activities including guided tours Discover the Garrotxa! Under the name of each activity find the visit or guided tour where you can make.


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Our experience has been good. What I would emphasize is the personal attention, throughout our stay. Even before arriving at the hotel paid attention to every detail, including a breakdown in the room that we will never forget after our departure from previous mishaps weekend. The hotel is fine, […]