The Beech

The Beech in Jordan

The Beech in Jordan is an exceptional beech forest that grows on a flat and sits on a lava flow from the volcano Croscat, which offers rugged, with abundant prominences very characteristics, which can reach more than 20 m and are called local tossols. Form part of Natural Park of Volcanic Zone of the Garrotxa. It is in the region of Garrotxa, near the neck Can Batlle and Sant Miquel Sacot (XI century Romanesque church) and plan Sacot and the Collet de Bassols is at the southwestern flank of the volcano Santa Margarita. The Beech is surrounded by much of the twenty-one volcanoes are in the region of Garrotxa.

Do you know where the beech in Jordan?
If you want for Olot, up plan,
green and find a place profond
and never found in the world has chosen more:
green as water inside, i deep clar;
the green of the beech in Jordan.
The walk, when in this site,
begins to walk there slowly;
counts your steps in the great stillness:
stops, i no sent res, and is lost.
It takes a sweet oblivion around the world
the silence of that place profond,
i no pensa en sortir, o hi pensa en va:
is made of beech in Jordan,
prisoner of silence and greenery.
Oh company! Oh freeing prison!
Poem by Joan Maragall